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Исатай Минуаров, әлеуметтанушы:

    Бала өз болашағына өзі жауапты. Тиісінше, мамандығын өзі таңдауы керек (бала өзіне не керегін біледі. Егер барлығы жоспар бойынша болмаса, бала ата-анасын кінәлайды). Қазір нарық соны сезген болуы керек, көптеген оқу орталығы “дұрыс мамандық таңдауға көмектесеміз” деген сервис көрсетуді бастады.

   Нарықта қандай мамандықтарға сұраныстың мол екенін анықтап алыңыз. Мамандықты таңдағанда өте ұқыпты болыңыз.

  “ЖОО-ға мектептен соң бірден түсу міндетті” деген психологиядан арылу керек. Шетелде Gap year деген ұғым бар. Gap year бір жыл болуы мүмкін, екі-үш жылға созылуы мүмкін. Бұл уақытты мектепті енді бітірген түлек өзінің не қалайтынын, жасырын потенциалын барынша анықтауға, приоритеттерді дұрыс қою жағын ойлануға пайдаланады. Есесіне, мектеп бітірген бала сол уақыт аралығында есейіп, аз да болса студенттік шақта туындайтын қиындықтарға, стреске дайын болады. Ал біздегідей балаға мектеп бітірген жылы бірден университетке түсуді міндеттеу дұрыс емес.


Ұстаз мәртебесін бірге көтерейік!

Бізге жазылыңыз!

Республикалық "Ұстаз мәртебесі" газетіне жазылу құны                      2019жылдың І  жартыжылдығына 

Қазпочта арқылы 6 айға - 1950 теңге (қала үшін)

6 айға - 2150 теңге (аудандар үшін)

Редакция арқылы 6 айға - 1880 теңге

Редакцияға хат

Біз туралы

Редакция құрамы

 Бас редактор – Нұрлан Нұрмахан

Жауапты хатшы –

Абай Тағыберген 


Айдар Сайлауов 

Жүлдызай Қалиева

Абзал Жолтерек

Нұрболат Қоймағанбетов

 Байланыс телефоны:   8(7242) 20-16-19

Электронды пошта: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Фейсбуктегі парақша аккаунты: ustaz.martebesi.kz

Strategies For Safety Guards When Dealing With Offended Folks

Strategies For Safety Guards When Dealing With Offended Folks

Safety guards typically discover themselves in situations the place they have to deal with people who find themselves offended, tough or in an altered state of mind. This can range from a person being denied entry to party or event, or fielding the wrath of those that have been ready in long lines or crowded, overpopulated areas. A primary knowledge of human psychology and a strong set of communication expertise can vastly help when safety officers and/or bodyguards are in these situations. There are a number of methods to diffuse a state of affairs with an indignant person or take care of difficult individuals on the whole, all of which relate to these types of skills and know-how.

Listening: When on the receiving end of an indignant person, the security guard ought to demonstrate good listening abilities, even if they know the agitated particular person is in the wrong. By letting the person vent their frustrations and have their say, he/she may develop into easier to deal with. One of many predominant reasons clients and everyday citizens lose their cool and turn out to be aggressive is the feeling that they aren't being heard; a easy acknowledgement of their emotions can lessen the depth of the situation. Allow them to know that they have valid reason to be upset and guarantee them that their state of affairs is being dealt with as swiftly as possible.

Understanding: Security officers should try and empathize whenever possible to show understanding of why the particular person is upset. When applicable, saying something like "I can imagine how frustrated you must be, and I apologize for the inconvenience," is all an individual needs to listen to to take their anger down just a few notches and redirect their emotions in a distinct way. Allow them to know that their feelings are important, and that their complaint is not going to go unnoticed. Make sure to not appear condescending when voicing your understanding; if the person feels belittled on top of everything else, their demeanor could intensify and the guard will have to work twice as hard to calm them down.

Not reacting: Most significantly, the officer ought to never react to a person's aggression with more aggression. Though it is tempting to match this person's tone and "stand one's ground," yelling back at an agitated person won't accomplish anything productive and can make the officer or guard appear unprofessional. Guards ought to try to ignore insults and careless remarks as best they can, regardless of their growing frustration. Angry people typically say things within the warmth of the second and do not imply much of what they're venting. Also, it's appropriate and helpful to admit errors if the situation calls for it; security guard officers dallas officers should not be afraid to gently appropriate false or inaccurate statements, however they need to go about it as calmly as possible. A great instance can be a person saying "I've been standing in line for hours"; the guard could respond with "My time clock shows it's really been 35 minutes, however I understand that it must really feel like hours," if that is the case.

Agreement: It may also be helpful to attempt to agree with the angered particular person on something, even something arbitrary, as it's an opening that can lead to other agreements in the conversation. Doing this temporarily shifts the power from the security guard who appears to be answerable for this individual's temporary destiny to the one that feels they're being treated unjustly. If it is a venue that the guard is patrolling and the particular person makes a comment concerning the poor customer support that they are experiencing, the guard may play both sides of the fence while remaining skilled and seemingly validating the upset individual; saying something like "Well, I haven't got any personal experience with the staff right here, however you are not the primary individual to express dissatisfaction with them," is an effective method of staying impartial and controlling the person's anger.
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